Grand Prize Winner: Sherie Clark

Congratulations to Sherie Clark of Normalville, PA, our Grand Prize Winner in the Buddig/Old Wisconsin $50,000 Dream Big Sweepstakes.

About Sherie: Sherie, a mother of four, recently retired from a life-long career as a Registered Nurse at Highlands Hospital in Connellsville, PA. Since its inception in 2011, Sherie has been an enthusiastic player in the Dream Big Sweepstakes, and has become a fan of the wide variety of Buddig lunchmeat and Old Wisconsin meat snack products since she began playing.

Mary Lu holding check
Sherie Clark & Tom Buddig
Buddig foods

Sherie's favorite product is Buddig Original – she loves the taste and convenience of the packaging, making it easy to add lunchmeats to her favorite recipes and side dishes. Often, she dices a variety of flavors combining them with everything from scrambled eggs, to baked beans, macaroni and cheese and pasta salad. Her husband is a self-identified "sandwich guy" and is always craving a hearty, loaded sandwich that Buddig is able to satisfy. "The value and portion control with the 2 oz. packaging is genius," Sherie continued.

Sherie and her family with Tom Buddig

Sherie and her three daughters, Jean, Michelle and Emily, joined us for a celebratory brunch in the stunning Fountain View room at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square in downtown Pittsburgh. Our own Tom Buddig, Executive Vice President Marketing, was present to personally deliver Sherie's check, congratulate and thank her for being a fan. Tom shared the family history of Buddig and explained how the company strives to support busy families. He always loves meeting the winners, learning about their families and hearing how they personally use Buddig and Old Wisconsin products at home.

Sherie and Tom Buddig

Following the check presentation, Sherie and her family also took home a variety of Buddig and Old Wisconsin products. Sherie is excited to use her prize winnings as a down payment on a nearby dream home to enjoy with her husband and daughters in retirement for years to come.

First Prize Winner: Scott B.

Congratulations to our $15,000 First Prize Winner: Scott B. of Jefferson City, MO!

Weekly Winners

Instant Win weekly prize winners will be posted below daily. Promotion ends on 12/30/14 at 11:59:59 pm CST. Good luck!

pamela n.
lindenhurst, IL
Bose SoundLink Mini 12/29/14
Anthony C.
Alpharetta, GA
Bose SoundLink Mini 12/27/14
June S.
Gaithersburg, MD
Bose SoundLink Mini 12/24/14
Deleah D.
Salisbury, NC
Nintendo 3DS XL 12/21/14
Cathy R.
Lakeland, FL
Nintendo 3DS XL 12/18/14
laura m.
Williamsburg, VA
Nintendo 3DS XL 12/17/14
Wanda I.
Downey, CA
Mini tablet with Retina Display 12/15/14
Scott K.
Layton, UT
Mini tablet with Retina Display 12/11/14
cathy w.
albany, OR
Lowe's Gift Card 12/09/14
Mary K.
Imperial, MO
Lowe's Gift Card 12/09/14
Michael H.
Hacienda Heights, CA
Lowe's Gift Card 12/07/14
Deb K.
Seattle, WA
Lowe's Gift Card 12/07/14
Elsa C.
Tomball, TX
Lowe's Gift Card 12/07/14
david s.
Lowe's Gift Card 12/06/14
Ann W.
South Milwaukee, WI
Lowe's Gift Card 12/05/14
carol j.
wales , UT
Lowe's Gift Card 12/04/14
Nancy G.
Quincy, IL
Disney Infinity 12/02/14
wendy r.
mukwonago, WI
Disney Infinity 12/01/14
Oscar S.
Coto laurel, OR
Disney Infinity 11/30/14
lisa q.
coltons point, MD
Disney Infinity 11/30/14
Andrea D.
Emily, MN
Disney Infinity 11/30/14
Carole W.
Bucyrus, KS
Disney Infinity 11/28/14
Terry E.
Livingston, MT
Disney Infinity 11/28/14
Brian M.
Puyallup, WA
Disney Infinity 11/28/14
Disney Infinity 11/27/14
saleema k.
philadelphia, PA
Disney Infinity 11/26/14
Gerald F.
Clearwater, FL
Keurig Coffee Maker 11/24/14
Beth P.
Virden, IL
Keurig Coffee Maker 11/22/14
mike n.
lake city, MI
Keurig Coffee Maker 11/21/14
chrystal C.
lexington, NC
Keurig Coffee Maker 11/20/14
Jon F.
Lubbock, TX
Xbox One 11/17/14
Teresa P.
Dickson City, PA
Xbox One 11/15/14
Ami C.
Hemet, CA
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/11/14
Shaundra V.
Boise, ID
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/11/14
joann m.
pine river, MN
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/11/14
Nathan B.
Jackson, MI
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/10/14
Mike H.
Shakopee, MN
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/10/14
Siobhan A.
Philadelphia, PA
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/10/14
Corie E.
Clearwater, FL
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/06/14
Charles S.
Rockledge, FL
Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card 11/05/14
Belinda V.
Macon, GA
Beats Headphones 11/02/14
Lorri M.
Idaho Falls, ID
Beats Headphones 11/01/14
Becky W.
Tryon, NC
Beats Headphones 10/29/14
Amazon Fire TV 10/28/14
jackie g.
greer, SC
Amazon Fire TV 10/28/14
Jennifer H.
Elizabeth City, NC
Amazon Fire TV 10/26/14
Rusty L.
Greensburg, IN
Amazon Fire TV 10/26/14
Rebecca R.
Panama City, FL
Amazon Fire TV 10/24/14
James P.
Lemon Grove, CA
Amazon Fire TV 10/22/14
kady z.
blountsville, AL
Vitamix Blender 10/19/14
Paula M.
Amarillo, TX
Vitamix Blender 10/16/14
Donwin B.
Noble, IL
Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera 10/14/14
Corinne A.
Ocala, FL
Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera 10/11/14
Nelida M.
Brooklyn, NY
Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera 10/09/14
Mara R.
Plymouth, MN
Walmart Gift Card 10/07/14
Thomas S.
Rincon, GA
Walmart Gift Card 10/07/14
Mark F.
Plymouth, MI
Walmart Gift Card 10/05/14
Sharon L.
Lexington, NC
Walmart Gift Card 10/04/14
Cheryl M.
Sun City, AZ
Walmart Gift Card 10/04/14
laura l.
madison, GA
Walmart Gift Card 10/03/14
Sandra L.
Hemet, CA
Walmart Gift Card 10/02/14
Stephanie m.
bloomington, CA
Walmart Gift Card 10/02/14

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