How To Play

Everyone deserves a chance to make their dreams come true, and Buddig and Old Wisconsin want to help make it happen. In addition to hundreds of weekly instant prizes, one lucky person will win a $50,000 Grand Prize jackpot and a chance to make their dreams a reality!

To begin, you'll need to find a code to enter The Dream Big Sweepstakes. Each code can be redeemed for 1 random Token. You must collect all 10 Tokens to be entered for a chance to win the $50,000 Grand Prize. Codes for 5 of the 10 Tokens are found online, and the other 5 Tokens can be earned by redeeming codes from specially marked packages of Buddig and Old Wisconsin products and from free-standing inserts (in your local periodical). Codes are found in a variety of places:

Collect codes from these delicious Buddig and Old Wisconsin products:

Buddig & Old Wisconsin Products
Buddig Original
  • 2 oz Pouch
  • 16 oz Pouch
  • 7 oz Tub
  • 9 oz Tub
  • Large-size
    Variety Pack
Deli Cuts
  • 4 oz Pouch
  • 12 oz Pouch
  • 1 lb Tub
Old Wisconsin
  • 4 oz Snack Bites
  • 6 oz Snack Bites
  • 8 oz Snack Bites
  • 6 oz Snack Slices
  • 6 oz Snack Sticks
  • 8 oz Snack Sticks
  • 9 oz Summer Sausage

You can also request codes, without purchase, by mail.
To find Buddig products, click here. To find Old Wisconsin products, click here.

Old Wisconsin Display
Also, look for our
Old Wisconsin display.

Collect codes from the following:


'Like' Buddig and Old Wisconsin on Facebook and keep an eye on the timeline each week for opportunities to earn additional free codes.


Look for codes in exclusive Buddig and Old Wisconsin emails. You’ll begin receiving these emails upon registering for the promotion.


Search for free codes hidden weekly on the Buddig and Old Wisconsin websites.


Refer your friends to earn more codes.

Once you've entered a code, you will be awarded 1 Token. Tokens are randomly selected every time.

For each code you enter, sign back into the Dream Big Sweepstakes. Using your username and password, type your code into the field.
After you enter a code, you earn 1 Token. You must participate online and purchase products in-store (or request free codes by mail) to collect all 10 Tokens.

Each time you enter a code, play the Instant Win Game for a chance to win:

  • Cash
  • Prizes
  • Coupons
  • Free Products

It's easy! Just pick one of 4 life preservers and you could win—instantly!

Each complete set of 10 tokens is good for 1 entry into the Grand Prize drawing. One winner will be randomly selected for the $50,000 Grand Prize. The more Tokens you collect, the greater your chances of winning. So keep playing!

Individual Tokens tallied on the left and total number of entries for the Grand Prize on the right

You can view and manage your Tokens through 'My Tokens'. Keep track of how many Grand Prize entries you’ve submitted and which Tokens you need for your next Grand Prize entry.